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Arête Series

The Arête Series is a residential expansion on the Arête Pendant, originally commissioned and installed in the Soho House Stockholm interior. The undulating form was intended to provide both lightness and volume in space, with ever-changing angles and sweeping curves for the
eye to land on. We produce independently in both Sweden and Denmark in Sailcloth and Linen.
Customizations are welcome for special projects.

For enquries and orders message us here.

Photos by Direction Bureaux
Visualizations by West Timber Court

Apart Lounge

The Apart Lounge, designed for Ishinomaki Lab. Our design intention was to create a standalone piece that also can link together as an architectural bench. Repeating lines and a simplistic form works well together, or apart. The sunken nature of the chair easily suits both indoors and outdoors with or without the edition of a cushion. It is a piece of subtle angles that comes together to form a simplistic and pleasing form.

Photography by Tom Mansell
Reminder (001)

Reminder (001) designed for Enkei is a celebration of circularity, with a base made in Enkei’s own developed material, consisting of a majority ceramic waste. The movable shade, made from fashion deadstock, can be adjusted according to your preference. Other components include discarded ventilation pipes, fossil-free steeI and scrap based wires.

Product is designed and produced for Enkei
Arête Pendant

The multi-tiered Arête chandelier commissioned by Åben for the Soho House in Stockholm Sweden. Situated in a historic church in Östermalm, the high ceilings required a central chandelier to both illuminate and create a visual focal within the large volume of space. Handcrafted in both Sweden and Denmark, the piece was then hand-sewn on site, especially for this project. The design consists of an ever-undulating form that is at both times sharp and soft. With changing curves and geometries from varying angles, the form habitats a different perspective from the many vantage points in the space.

Project completed for Åben in collaboration with many contributers.

Steelwork by Konsthantverk Tyringe
Uphostery by Haandværk
Photo 2-5 Åsa Liffner

Appui Lounge

The Appui Lounge is designed as a flexible lounge piece, both light in form and rich in detailing. Prototype crafted in suede backside and waxed iron. This custom prototype was crafted in Sweden by Jokum Lind using a signature “neck” to create a weld free bolt at the back leg. The upholstery combines a soft seat with a comfortable sling back, creating an easy lounge chair.

Photography by Armin Tehrani